Friday, June 18, 2010

Theology of the Body reflections

Hey girls,

Unfortunately my laptop did not fit in the bag I brought to the Theology of the Body course/retreat. But no worries! I wrote some daily reflections in my journal to share with all of you. I'm going to post each day's reflections as a separate post so that it's not one, long, overwhelming post. I hope you enjoy these insights and that they will bear fruit in your lives. Here we go:

Sunday, June 13

"Through the fact that the Word of God became flesh, the body entered theology... through the main door" (TOB 23:4).

1. The body must be theological simply because the Second Person of the Trinity, God, united Himself to a body by uniting Himself to human nature.

2. The Word of God became flesh through Mary's openness to God, through her receptivity. In a certain sense, the Word receives His flesh from her flesh. Mary's role in the Incarnation is indispensible! She is the main door through which the body enters theology. She is the main door through which we can enter the Theology of the Body, through which we can come to live and experience the truths contained in the Theology of the Body in our own lives. Mary is the key. Stay close to her and follow her example of receptivity and vulnerability before the Lord. It is her openness and vulnerability that enables her to be gratia plena, full of grace. We, too, are called to be full of grace; so like Mary, are called to radical openness and vulnerability before God. Letting God into those parts of our hearts that we're most afraid of, most ashamed of, most attached to, those places that are most in need of healing, can be really scary. But as John Paul II said countless times during his papacy, "Do not be afraid!" Trust in God's love and mercy. And we can always ask Mary to teach us to be open.

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