Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tonight I found out, through a game similar to truth or dare, that one of my best friends lost her virginity when she was studying abroad. And she didn't tell me. I mean, it definitely makes sense that she didn't say anything about it. She was drunk and it was some random guy, and even if she wasn't planning on staying a virgin until marriage, we all know she could have done better than that.

Later in the conversation, I was asked about how far I had gone with previous boyfriends. I felt SO judged for having done basically nothing. (It's so funny how people are judged when they're on the extremes - either they've done nothing or they've slept with everyone.)

I wouldn't change my choices even if EVERYONE in the WORLD disagreed. But I wish I had the opportunity to have a deeper conversation, go further with my friends, explain my side, and get them to question whether or not their choices have truly brought them the most happiness.

Anyway, I was just down about living the Catholic I'm glad I have this blog to talk about it...and remember that I go to school at a place where people get where I'm coming from :)