Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tonight I found out, through a game similar to truth or dare, that one of my best friends lost her virginity when she was studying abroad. And she didn't tell me. I mean, it definitely makes sense that she didn't say anything about it. She was drunk and it was some random guy, and even if she wasn't planning on staying a virgin until marriage, we all know she could have done better than that.

Later in the conversation, I was asked about how far I had gone with previous boyfriends. I felt SO judged for having done basically nothing. (It's so funny how people are judged when they're on the extremes - either they've done nothing or they've slept with everyone.)

I wouldn't change my choices even if EVERYONE in the WORLD disagreed. But I wish I had the opportunity to have a deeper conversation, go further with my friends, explain my side, and get them to question whether or not their choices have truly brought them the most happiness.

Anyway, I was just down about living the Catholic I'm glad I have this blog to talk about it...and remember that I go to school at a place where people get where I'm coming from :)

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  1. omgosh that's so hard. did you ask her why she didn't tell you before? i find with my friends that sometimes they don't tell me things because they think i will judge them. and i hate that! i just want them to tell me! i want them to know that i will always love them no matter what mistakes they make! try to let your friend know that and just continue to love her and be a good Christian example for her. if you find an opportunity arises where you can really talk to her about chastity and the beauty of it, then go for it, but if not, don't get discouraged. just pray for her and let God do the rest! thats what i find is best.

    and i know what you mean about feeling judged too. this summer, i was with a group of people and it was someone's idea to go around and say when you lost your virginity. i have never felt so judged as when i said that i was still a virgin.

    i will pray for you and your friend! <3