Friday, August 21, 2009


Hey ladies!
So I went to daily Mass today for the first time in awhile (it's so much easier when there's a million Masses a day at the Basilica!) and our pastor gave a great homily. He talked about potency and actuality, and without getting too philosophical, he explained that potency is what we can be, and actuality is when we become that potency, when we become what we can be. It's like an acorn, which has the potential to become a big oak tree, and eventually it does.
It's the same with us. Inside each and every one of us is the potential to become something great, and when God looks at us, that potential is what He sees. He sees that greatness and says, if you could only see what you are going to become!
I think that message is so important for us. It can be easy to get discouraged, to get intimidated by the power of the secular world, and even to lose sight of our own worth. While God sees our weaknesses, He does not let that detract from seeing our great potential. That is why He sent His Son to die for us. He saw the potential in everyone to be beautiful children of God, and He died so that that could be possible!
How great is God's love!! If we could only have a fraction of His love to see the beauty in everyone, then loving one another would be simple. There is such potential in every one of us. Who knows who we'll grow up to be, or what we'll do years down the road. We're already realizing that potential as we're figuring out more and more who we are and we're already starting to do great things, even just by growing in faith. How great is God, that He can take us as little babies and see all that we will eventually do! Not only that, but we also have reason to take courage. Sometimes it seems like God puts near-impossible tasks in our path, but He gives us these challenges because He knows that we can face them. He sees all that we can be and is guiding us to who He wants us to be. All that we are going to be, God's vision for us, is already inside of us. All we have to do is let God work through us.
Basically my pastor was telling us how to love, but I also realized how not to be afraid. :)