Saturday, June 19, 2010

More TOB!

Tuesday, June 15

"The words of Genesis 3:16 seem to suggest that [the appropriation typical of lust] happens more at the woman's expense and that in any case she feels it more than the man" (TOB 33:3).

I think we can all agree that as women, we feel the wounds of lust in a very particular way. Our culture tells us that we are only objects, and sometimes we buy into it, even though we know deep in our hearts that we are made for something more. Even worse, we sometimes start to think that there is something wrong with us if no man wants to use us. These are only a few lies, a few wounds, that I have struggled and continue to struggle with. But we need not fear to bring these wounds to the Lord. Christopher West says, "Grace flows through wounds." He wants to shower us with His healing grace! All we have to do is open the wounds to Him and let Him in. This process can be long and painful, but it is also healing and redemptive. Also, we can look to Mary, the Queen of the Universe. Her receptivity is not passive. On the contrary, it is always an active receptivity. A better translation of Mary's "yes" to the Angel Gabriel is, "I long for it to be done unto me according to your word." How beautiful!

Quotes for reflection:

"Get into the habit of saying 'Speak, Lord,' and life becomes a romance."
- Oswald Chambers

"Have you seen with the eyes of your soul the way Jesus looks at you with love? Never lose the daily interaction with Jesus the Living Person, not the idea."
- Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

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