Thursday, May 27, 2010

And I miss you more each day...

Beautiful sisters!

I have missed you all so much, and was a tad bit bummed every time Sunday night came around and there wasn't a GP meeting to head to, but then I saw the e-mail about the blog, and remembered it =)

Anywho, I have a very very boring summer job, so I have a lot of time to just sit and think. One day I was sitting and thinking about how it's both really cool and really sad that lots of people who go to CUA live far apart from one another. I mean, it's AWESOME cause you meet people from all over (my friend goes to a school and hasn't met anyone who's not from NJ, PA, or Rhode Island. No lie). I mean we all joke about the "ROP" think, but honestly our school draws people from far and wide... which ROCKS... until summer comes around and some of the closest friends you have are suddenly anywhere from 300 to 3,000 miles away.
This got me thinking on what it means to miss someone. I now think that maybe to miss someone is to love them and recognize their goodness (that's not to say we're not called to love those whose goodness we are ignorant to... love is needed for all =) ). To miss someone is to recognize their absence in your life and to desire their presence again. Think on it... we don't desire to bring back illness or pain... we only desire to bring back that which brings us joy and happiness. To miss someone means that you acknowledge the good in them... recognize it... celebrate it! Also, since all goodness comes from God, it's in a sense praising Him as well!

I love you, dear sisters, and miss you so much, but I know that God wouldn't allow us to be apart for 3+ months if He wasn't doing wonderful things with that time in and with each of our lives.

Sorry for this very long post... I hope summer is going so well it's insane! =) (I also apologize for my job that made me write such a long post... sitting in a corner by myself in a room with no windows for 8 hours a day isn't very good for me haha)

ps. Anyone get the song reference in the title? Who sings it? What (awesome) movie is it in? =P


  1. Oh, it's from the Princess Diaries! BBMak lol. I just heard this song the other day.

  2. Thank you so much for this post!The paragraph on what it means to miss someone spoke directly to my heart. Know that your writing was being inspired by the Holy Spirit.I need to think and pray on this some more :)Now I really miss GP because my GP sisters are truly God-sends and I sooo need them! God Bless you <3

  3. Hahaha... yep! Great movie!

    and Cassie, my dear sister,
    I'm certainly glad that what started as my brain just running turned out (with the Holy Spirit's help, of course) to be a help. Hang in there, sistah, and I'm always praying for you (as i'm sure we all are =) ). Love you, miss you, and may our dear Father and Lord bless you!