Monday, July 20, 2009


I just wanted to give GP a little boost of encouragement. I remember thinking to myself at the beginning of the summer that I would never survive the three months away from CUA. Being back home as been more than a blessing, but I am so excited for school to start! We have six short weeks before we're back at school and we're so close I can taste it! (Not really, but I AM very excited) 

Try to do your best to keep in touch with your prayer partner as much as possible (yea Helen Marie!) and to keep praying. Always always always keep praying, for each other, for Gratia Plena, for everyone at CUA, in Thanksgiving... anything! I feel so blessed to have women like you I can share my time with at CUA, I want to tell Him that I feel at home with all of you!

Daily Mass has been QUITE the personal struggle for me this summer, but I encourage you girls to keep trying to listen to the Gospel and receive communion as often as possible. As much as I hate to admit it, attending daily mass is much easier when I have you girls to go with me! My CM from this past year told me that the summer time is always a struggle away from the CUA community but that it's an excellent opportunity to focus on your personal prayer life and your individual relationship with God. At school, we often pray and live in His name as a group, school, or community but these last few weeks of summer are a great time to stabilize your OWN relationship with the Lord and to prepare for a wonderful, awesome, and blessed academic year at CUA.

I CAN'T wait to see you all and I miss your beautiful souls oh so much!
All my love,

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