Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Sunday :]]

Hey y'all!

So its been almost a month since we finished finals and left our little sanctuary at THE Catholic University of America.   And I know, for me at least, August seems way too far away.  But it's also good to be home with family and friends.  I just wanted to drop a line and tell all you beautiful ladies just how much you mean to me, and how wonderful each of you are.  I went on a retreat once, and they told us to never forget that we were Hotttt dogs.  Now, I know I cringed a little bit and was a taddd confused.  But once they explained it, it all made perfect sense.  We AREEE hot dogs, y'all.  We are daughters of God.  And HE LOVES US MORE THAN ANYTHING.  I was listening to this new country song, (I know big surprise right?), and it goes on and on about he loves sleepin in on saturdays, and he loves his dog, and he loves his truck...  but he loves his girls love the most.    And as I was singing along i realized that i love Jesus's love the most.  And he loves us :]]  I'm just in a really good mood today, and felt like sharing a little bit of my smiling bubbliness with the hi-tech GP girls I love so much :]]

and always remember, i'm here for you if you ever need ANYTHING!!
caitlin alanna

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